Cinderella and Prince

My daughter has recently entered the "princess stage". Everytime she sees a girl in a dress, she calls her a princess. So, I went looking for a real fairytale princess and stumbled upon this lovely Cinderella paper doll. You can find the complete set with cover, dolls and clothes at  Bonecas de Papel.


Karnival paper doll from Finland

This is another paper doll from around 1980. It was one of my favourite dolls because she had such varied clothes.

Cute Paper Doll

Yesterday I retreived my old paper dolls from the attic. Among them I found this little doll that I got around 1980. She also has a little hat, but my 3-year-old got hold of my collection and it seems to have gone missing. I'll probably find it again, when I do I will post it too. Three hours later...Found it. Rescanned with hat.


Welcome to my blog

Images from times past have always appealed to me. Whether it was old paper dolls, fun greeting cards from the 1970s, dated children's books with lovely covers or faded magazines from the 1930s I kept them. Later on in life I became fond of quirky postcards, old ads and well anything vintage really. I have never been a collector of anything. Rather I kept things that I liked and stored them in boxes in attics and cellars. 

After having found so many lovely blogs on the Internet about so many things that I care about, I decided to open some of those boxes, dig out my scanner and share some of MY old stuff with all my fellow gatherers - and collectors - out there. Enjoy :-)

Some years ago browsing at a second hand bookshop I found a copy of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll with illustrations by Arthur Rackham from 1917 (org. pub. 1907).

I got it for $3 because the cover was discolored and someone had colored some of the b&w drawings in it. However, the beautiful illustrations were in perfect shape.

Now, I just scanned one of the illustrations. But just for fun I googled Arthur Rackham and found a site where all the color illustrations are presented in very fine quality. Thus if you want to see all the illustrations from the book you can check them out at "Escape into Life"