Just Four More Christmas Gnomes - Nisser :)

Okay, so I just got to show these Christmas gnomes that I found yesterday. They were very photogenic and so here they are. They can also be bought at my Etsy shop. Though I don't mind keeping them for myself this Christmas. As you can see the twins have already moved in ;)



A Little Discussion on Nisse vs Gnome and Elves

In Denmark we call gnomes for "Nisser" - or "Nisse" if there is only one. I like the Danish word more than the English word because "Gnome" sounds more like an ugly old man who does mean things to people. Traditionally that is of course what a gnome was, but the word really doesn't fit with the cute, slightly mischievous nisser we have today.

I know you can also use the word "Elf" but I think that really just points to elves that work at Santa's workshop. Otherwise I think of elves as flying forest creatures. However, since I don't know how many people outside Scandinavia know what a "nisse" is, I guess I have to live with the word "gnome" and "elves" - But like "hygge" maybe we could lobby the English speaking world to adopt "nisse" ;)

These are some more of my favorite Christmas nisser that I am selling at my Etsy shop. They are so full of charm and character they seem almost alive.

(this sweet Christmas elf has been sold)



Christmas Gnomes, Elves and Angels

So, I have been trawling antique shops, thrift shops and my basement for - primarily Danish - vintage Christmas gnomes, elves and angels to put up for sale on my Etsy shop. It's amazing how many cute and wonderful old Christmas figures are available still - and at affordable prices.

The first three images show an angel and gnomes that are from the 1990s, so not that old. But I like them so much that I just had to show them. The plastic angels and two little elves/gnomes are from the 1960s.

Funnily enough I bought all these little Christmas "people" with re-selling in mind, but the more I look at them the more I don't mind them staying for good right where they are :)

Finally, I had great fun posing them in my garden :)