More Christmas Gnomes, Elves and Ornaments

I have sold about half of my Christmas elves, ornaments etc. on Etsy. Yay :) So, today I have stocked up and put more wonderful, Danish vintage Christmas decor on my little Etsy shop.

This is some of what's new:

Danish Christmas Heart Ornaments made of Papier Marche

Danish Felt Christmas Hearts on a String

Danish Yarn Christmas Elves on Wooden Sticks


Art Seiden - Illustrator of Books for Children

I really like these drawings by Art Seiden. These are from a book about what a great thing water is. In Danish it is called "Vand er vådt, vand er godt" (Water is Wet, Water is Good).


David McKee - Wonderful Stories and Colorful Illustrations

David McKee is perhaps best known for Elmer the Elephant. And cute as Elmer is my daughter and I have read another of McKee's works over and over again. It is called "The Sad Story of Veronica Who Played the Violin". It is nothing like Elmer, and it is targeted at a different age group so don't expect Elmer v 2.0. This is something completely different - and not very cute ;)


Steffie Lerch - Illustrator of Books for Children

Steffie Lerch was - I believe - a German illustrator of books. I haven't been able to find any information about her other than bibliographies. If anyone knows anything about her, please let me know and I will update my post accordingly :)

I know that she illustrated two much loved books. "Heidi" and "The Surprise Doll" ("Søndagsdukken" in Danish).

These images are from the latter.