From an Old School Book About Insects

Found these lovely pictures in an old book I bought at a library sale. They are drawn by Arnold W. Ryan about whom I can only tell that he illustrated educational books about plants and insects in the 1950s and 1960s.


Marcel Marlier - So Sweet You Can Smell the Candy Floss

These pictures are from a book by the Belgian artist Marcel Marlier who died in 2011. "Martine at the Fair" was printed in 1958 and it contains wonderful pastel colored images with a lot of 1950s design elements such as tail fins on the cars and the rounded shapes of airplanes and scooters.


On the Beach on a Chilly Day

Inspired by the theme on Sepia Saturday I found these pictures in my collection. I don't know who the people in the pictures are since the people who would know are no longer here. You always think you have enough time to ask about all those old pictures, but you don't.

This first picture is really a postcard - from the late 1950s it looks like.

In what appears to be a cold day at the Beach in Denmark somewhere around 1920. This one has my great-grandfather Laurits in the back sporting a moustache and a white cap.

The last one is of a cute kid on a beach wearing what looks like knitted bathing / sun attire with socks to match. Probably another cold summer day in Denmark.


The Wonderful World of Tom Puss

20 years ago I found a copy of Marten Toonder's "Tom Puss on New Adventures" at a used book sale. I didn't now the character Tom Puss as its popularity peeked years before I came into existence. However, I absolutely adored the full spread color pictures in it. I think I shall start reading it for my daughter this week - it'll be a first for the both of us.

Anyway here are some of the bright and wonderful pictures that I scanned from the book. I think they'll look really good framed.


A Little Something About Copyright

Please assume that everything posted on this blog is still in Copyright. I am posting from Denmark which has a very simple Copyright law: If the artist has been dead for more than 70 years it is in the public domain. Other countries have different laws so please consult those that apply to you before using material for other than private use.

Racey Helps' Cute Cat Illustrations

This morning I was reading Two from a Teapot by Racey Helps aloud for my daughter. It is a children's book with some seriously cute pictures in it. I have scanned three of them for your enjoyment.


Mr. Wonderful has Arrived

I found this at my grandparents place. It is an old Danish ad for a men's clothing store. The ad - when unfolded - is 80 cm tall and 30 cm wide. I believe my grandparents kept the ad because there is a map of Europe printed on  the back.

The ad says "Mr. Wonderful has Arrived". Now, I think that is pretty funny in itself but then inside it continues with these words "- and Everybody falls for him".

The other half of the ad is a fold-out of Mr. Wonderful. I have scanned each piece and put it together as best I could. The texts accompanying the pictures are dated and fun. For example at the top it says "Your Clothing Store - Presents the New Male Sensation". The small pictures tells us that the there is a "Success Suit" and the "Auto-Coat". Enjoy!


My favorite paper doll

Lotte was my favorite paper doll when I got her on a trip to Sweden in 1979. The publisher called her Lena - serious - laughing and crying. This was because she had two faces that you could put on her. I have lost the crying face but other than that I think she is complete.


Cute Danish Paper Doll

This is a paper doll I bought for my daughter two years ago. I had the good foresight to scan it before cutting. It was printed on cardboard which made it difficult to cut out. While it is nice to have cardboard doll I do find that the clothes really should be paper. The end result is so much nicer - and for a little girl it is easier to play with.