Paper Dolls

I have begun to scan some more of my old paper dolls after I found a bunch in the basement. Some of which have belonged  to my mom, so they date back to around 1950-55. They are in pretty bad shape since they have been played with a lot - by my mom, my sister and I. My daughter can play for hours with paper dolls, but I have decided not to let her play with the original, falling-apart-dolls. Instead I will scan them, Photoshop-repair them and print them. Good as new :)

This is what one of the dolls looks like pre-repair. Front and back.

It was drawn by the Danish artist Ulla Pihl who gave her dolls a really sweet personality. According to online research this doll was called Askepot (Cinderella). In spite of trawling the Internet I have only been able to find a poor copy of a Finnish version of the whole sheet: